Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rock Canyon Revisited

I went to a church today that was really close to one of my favorite new places I discovered/ was introduced to in 2011- Rock Canyon (just east of the Provo LDS temple).  I decided to head up there and collect some tintic quartzite because I love that rock.  It's what makes Rock Canyon so interesting and beautiful.  There's a little cave up there too that is severely chemically weathered (by water) - the rock is so soft you can just flake it off by rubbing your fingers across it.  Here are some pictures I took in 2011.

Tintic quartzite

Cool tintic quartzite rocks jutting out of the mountainside
Vertical joints (faults) in the rock (this rock bed used to be horizontal layered sediments and has now been tilted slightly more than 90 degrees).  Limestone I believe.
Tintic quartzite in cave, and I think the black is an organic growth (lichens maybe?)

Crumbling rock in weathered cave

Rock canyon with a dusting of snow and the Provo LDS temple in the foreground

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