Monday, January 2, 2012

Canyons of the Wasatch Range of the Rocky Mountains along the east of Utah Valley

Whew, long title.
I have been trying to figure out all the names of the canyons in Utah Valley.  Growing up, of course I knew about all the "big" ones because we went to them all the time - AF, Provo, Hobble Creek and Spanish Fork canyons.  But this past year I've been discovering the others and it's really been awesome.  I haven't visited or hiked in all of them yet, but I plan to.  I had to look up the names of some of these with help of Google.  Maybe someone else is looking for it too, so here it is, and I hope to some day put this on to a picture or drawing for all the visual people like me.  If you see that I have any of them wrong or missed any, please let me know!

Canyons of Utah Valley, north to south:
AF canyon
Grove Creek Canyon - north of the G
Battle Creek Canyon- off 200 S. PG, south of the G
Dry Canyon - off 200 S. Lindon/ 2000 N. Orem
Provo Canyon
Little Rock Canyon
Rock Canyon - east of Provo temple, North of the Y
Slate Canyon- About 2000 S. Provo, South of the Y
Hobble Creek Canyon - Springville
Maple Canyon - Mapleton
Spanish Fork Canyon

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