Saturday, January 28, 2012

Canyons of the Wasatch Front on the east of Utah Valley

I have been exploring the canyons in my area more, so I wanted to create some pictures that label the names for those wanting to know as I was.  I have also tried to label (in the captions) the names of the peaks/ mountains, but I still don't know completely which ones are which yet.  If I find out I will update my pictures.  Hope this is helpful to you.  (I also found a great website listing all the mountains in Utah County with their elevations and latitude/ longitude, check it out.)
Click on each image so you can see it bigger and notice the arrows/labels.

From North to South:
American Fork Canyon, Lone Peak behind (Timpanogos in foreground)

Grove Creek Canyon, Battle Creek Canyon, Dry Canyon, Provo Canyon
Mount Timpanogos behind
Big Baldy Mountain between Dry Canyon & Battle Creek Canyon

Provo Canyon, Little Rock Canyon, Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon
Cascade Mountain, Squaw Peak jutting up in the middle, Y Mountain, Maple Mountain, (behind, may not be visible - Provo Peak, Freedom Peak)

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  1. I live in PA now, thanks for posting these pictures I will be painting them on my walls so I feel at home.