Sunday, August 5, 2012

Giant Pacific Octopus Beak

Aurora, Giant Pacific Octopus in the tank at Hatfield Marine Science Center
The days my sons were born aside, today was pretty much the most perfect day ever.  I asked if I could touch the Giant Pacific Octopus in the front display tank because McKenzie had opened it up for some of the visitors earlier and I was dying for a turn.  So, after we closed, McKenzie, Nick, Diana and I played with Aurora.  Nick had to leave to spend time with his family after a few minutes so he missed most of the excitement.  So the 3 of us girls spent over an hour and a half hanging out with this incredible animal who was interacting really well with us.
Wow. wow. wow.

VIDEO!  I have a video... but I'm keeping you in suspense.  Great pictures first, awesome video at the end.  (Pictures taken by myself using HMSC's camera, and McKenzie using her phone.)  Enjoy!  Post comments!

Aurora anchored herself between this rock and the glass of the tank on the left

Giant Pacific Octopus suckers in various stages of suction or curling

Octopus suckers detail

Octopus skin with stripes

View of upside-down octopus under the water

My fingers touching the skin of the octopus
Look at that detail and texture!  Octopuses have
amazing camouflage abilities

A different color and texture of octopus camouflage

Holding on to my fingers with those tiny suckers

Diana and me with Aurora

Close up texture - the skin is so soft and loose but then it can change its
texture like this

Skin between arms showing the thin smooth skin

Octopus siphoning water over its beak at the surface of the tank

Octopus beak peaking out of mouth
Octopus mouth with open beak peaking inside

Octopus beak exerted

Octopus open beak in mouth, siphon on the left

The money shot! Giant Pacific Octopus with exerted and open beak and siphon

Here is the video of the Giant Pacific Octopus showing her beak and opening and closing it.  Also a bonus siphoning water on HMSC's camera you see me using (which was waterproof- whew!).  McKenzie shot this video on her phone.  And it. is. awesome.

Thanks for joining me for this adventure I was so blessed to have.  Leave a comment!  Thanks.


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    1. These photos are awesome! And the video as well.Thanks so much for sharing. I am fascinated by octopuses, would have so enjoyed just what you enjoyed here. And the camera being "shot" by the siphon. I have watched the clever Day Octopus at Waikiki Aquarium, so very smart (you might want to check out my blog, just started, I learned a lot just watching your video and studying your photos. Again, thank you!

  2. Awesome! Have never seen the "beak" before nor the siphon in action. Great pictures and movie.

  3. These photos are really amazing, Julie! You've got a lot of talent. I think my favorite ones are those where you're touching the octopus. But my absolute favorite is "My fingers touching the skin of the octopus" pic. Let me know how the contest turns out and good luck!

  4. @Don - thank you, it's great to hear you appreciated it.

    @ShaRee, thanks! I like taking pictures especially when I get to use an amazing camera like the HMSC one I used for those!

  5. My six year old has chosen to research an octopus for her first oral presentation for 1st grade. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and facts!

  6. Liza, that's so great! I hope she has a really good experience with it. :) Octopuses are amazing animals.

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  9. This is totally awesome! I'm a Volunteer-in-training at the Toronto Zoo and I have to do a presentation on the giant Pacific octopus this week, which is how I came to land on your site. I can assure you of one thing: I will be back. :) Thanks for posting this—it's amazing!