Sunday, August 12, 2012

Week 8 of Internship: Climate change exhibit interface

"Would you like to take a survey?"  Yes, I have said that very phrase or a variation of it many times this week.  I have talked to more than 50 people and received some good feedback for my exhibit.  I also began working on my exhibit proposal and visuals to go along with it.  This is so fun!  I love that I get to create this, and my proposal will be used to pitch the plan to whatever company they get to make the exhibit program.  How sweet is that?
So, the plan is to have a big touch table - here is what it looks like, from the ideum website:

You can't see very well from that picture but people can grab photos or whatever, resize and move them around and place them wherever they want.  Very cool technology.  Here is a video done here at Hatfield- it has a lot of narration about Free Choice Learning, so if you're not interested in that, just scroll over to the parts that show visitors using the table, so you can see how cool it is.

So, here are the various transformations the interface has gone through:

Stage 1: My initial messy drawing to get my thoughts on paper and make sure I was on the same page with the exhibit team.  At this point I thought we would just have a simple touch screen kiosk.

Stage 2: Mock-up made by Allison the graphic designer, using stage 1 as a guide.  I showed this to people as I interviewed them so they'd have an idea of what the heck I was talking about.

Stage 3: My own digital version I'm currently working on, now more in sync with the awesomeness of the touch table.  The final version will go into my exhibit proposal.

A folder opened - upon touching a file, an animation would show the file opening and spilling the contents on the workspace to end up kind of like this:

I'll spare you the details of the survey because I need to get back to work!  I banked a couple days off and I'm taking my kids on our final trip of the summer this week, so that leaves me with only 9 more work days- eek!  Have to use my time very wisely.

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  1. The touch table looks like it's coming together. Congrats on completing so many surveys! HaAve fun on your trip - can't wait to here what you explored!