Thursday, September 27, 2012


Now at over 20,000 visits to my blog - woohoo!!  I'm approaching 100 posts, and hoping to post #100 on the 1 year anniversary of Bio Geo Nerd, which will be in November.

I've been so busy studying and tutoring and being a mom that I haven't done posts on what I'm learning as much as I'd like.  Anyone paying attention would notice that I've made very sad-looking half posts that need to be completed.  So I have posts in the works on Cnidarians, Rotifers, Plant tissues, minerals, Foucalt Pendulum, and who knows what else.  I have to go through all my pictures and figure out what to put on.

I wish posts were faster- I take a lot of time to resize my photos, sometimes draw emphasizing marks and notes on them, research accurate information so I won't be misleading anyone who happens upon the post, and trying to make it visually appealing.  Sometimes I do a pretty good job but there are a lot of posts I wish I could go back and overhaul.

I wish I had better data on who is coming to my site and how the info is being used.  I don't know if people read the posts, click on links, just look at pictures, or what.  I guess no matter what their level of interaction, hopefully it's helping them somehow with learning so I shouldn't feel bad about that.

So, congrats Bio Geo Nerd for being cool... here's to the next 20,000!

Giant Pacific Octopus

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