Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog love

Yes, I love my blog, I'm not ashamed to say it.  It makes me happy that so many people come here to get information.  I wish more would comment to let me know if it was really useful.  All the hits I get could be people looking at a picture and leaving without reading anything, or maybe they find one of my unfinished posts and leave frustrated that it's not done.  Those things would be nice to know.  Stats are great, but personal comments are worth so much more.

So, my counter I just added says (as of now) I have 15,925 visits to my blog.  So, I should get to 16,000 very soon.  The one year anniversary of my blog is coming up on November 20 - it would be cool if I get to 20,000 hits by then!  20,000 for the 20th. :)  (Oh, and 20 members would be great too- despite the high usage of the site, I have a sadly low number of subscribers.)  I think I'll have to have a big science geek party that day..haha.  (Yeah right, who would I invite?)

But seriously, I feel like I should do something special for that day, I'm just not sure what yet.  This blog has been such a great learning tool for me and I have so much fun creating each post.  The fact that so many other people get good use out of it is a total bonus!

So, any suggestions for how to celebrate?  Some kind of really cool blog post is in order, but what kind of post is worthy of such an occasion?  Hmmm.....


  1. I have no good ideas to celebrate, but I can spread your blog link on Facebook and stuff, see if I can get you some more subscribers :)

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  3. Hey great job keeping up this blog Julie. I tried my hand at a few blogs but consistency is tough. I'm very intrigued by the research you were able to do and wished we could've talked about it during your time out here. Can't wait to see future progress. Glad you enjoyed Oregon's great natural beauty, living here it sometimes becomes familiar so it's good to have a new insight. Utah looks like a very beautiful place too however in different ways.

  4. Pat! It took me a second to realize who you were..haha, you are still like 7 years younger in my memory. How did you find my blog? You need to subscribe! :)

    For me it's super easy to be consistent because I love the subject matter so much! And it's helpful for me as a study tool so that's motivating as well.

    So what were you interested in with the research I did?

    Yes Utah is very beautiful in its own ways. I think when I "grow up" I'll have to have a summer home on the Oregon beach in addition to my home here. ;)

  5. Hehe yeah guess I should change my profile pic. Yeah you posted a link to watch Aurora on the Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center Facebook page. It seemed pretty cool and I started reading the blog. Good stuff. A bit over my head but always one of my interests. It also connects some dots of why the kids wanted to play certain games this summer lol. I think Spencer is begging to read a little bit. I figured getting them notebooks would help facilitate it a bit more.
    Really your study on global climate changes and evolution have been a topic of interest for me for some time. Haven't discussed it at length with anyone in a long time, guess I lost some passion for the topic as I started flaking on my research. Read some good posts you made on them. It is an interesting topic for how religion and science can coExist together. Anyways great look to the blog too. Thanks for the great opportunity to get to know the kids, they are very smart and should excel above most in school. Future biologists in the making? ... Then again Spencer likes drawing more

  6. Yeah that is definitely interesting stuff. What were you doing for research?

    Yes the little man is very ready to read. I bought him some books to start working on that with him more. Thanks for the notebooks, the kids definitely loved them.

    Yeah they are very science-minded.

    Well we should talk more about your research, kids and stuff if you want - you can email me - Bio Geo Nerd (all one word) at gmail.

    Thanks for joining the blog!

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    1. Ghah! Either the webpage or my browser is showing my picture taking up half the screen and commenting is all sorts of messed up. Might just be on my end though :(

    2. ok was because I was using Chrome and it wouldn't resize my Google+ image so I've reverted back to a Blogger account

  8. Update on the count - wow, people visit this blog a lot. In 2 days since I put this post up, the count has gone up to 16,562 from 15,925. So if I'm averaging over 300 hits per day, I'll get to 20,000 in no time! (About 11 days, in fact.)
    Maybe I could get to 40,000 by the anniversary. That would be really crazy. But might be possible.

    The number I'm more concerned about is members! :D Working on that one... so if you're reading this, please join the site! :)