Sunday, July 15, 2012

Global Warming's Six Americas

If you need a quick overview, see the video on this post.  Click to view info and resources appropriate for the audience.  (Under construction)







Info on local (Pacific North West) impacts of global warming

Some personal thoughts:
Climate change can be scary.  Many museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. shy away from the topic because it feels so doom and gloom.  However, I feel that shying away from it only adds fuel to the idea that scientists aren't in general agreement on the topic, which is false.  Also, having a timid approach with it I believe could also fuel that as well.  I don't think we should be afraid of having a bold stance about it.  The evidence is becoming more and more obvious (take the current heat wave for example) to everyone and I think the message is going to be more accepted. And I think it's a crucial message to get out.
Birch Aquarium in San Diego has an awesome exhibit on global warming.  Here are a couple videos about it:

Click here for another one that shows the science behind the exhibit

More general info:
NASA's key indicators of climate change:

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