Monday, March 11, 2013

Battle Creek Falls

I have lived in this valley all my life, and this was (at least to my memory) my first time going to Battle Creek Falls, up a small canyon next to Pleasant Grove, less than 10 miles from my home.  My goal is to explore all the canyons that have been in my back yard my entire life that I haven't paid enough attention to.  (For labeled pictures of said canyons, click here.)

It was a good morning, had the trail to myself, with lots of water in all its forms to keep me entertained. :)

Small cave next to the trail

Close up of the cool rocks by the cave

Ice falls... oh wait that's not the real falls

Part of the real falls covered with snow and ice in awesome designs

The main waterfall

I have a good video of the waterfall above and below but it's not letting me upload this video, I'll get it up if I can figure out what's wrong.  But here's another one showing how the spray froze the plants and ground nearby:

The front of the falls - notice the water falling behind the ice

And from the back. :)

That was fun.  Hoping to do a different hike every day this week because it's my spring break.  Should be more posts to come if I'm successful in my plan. :)

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