Thursday, March 7, 2013

Street Gardening

I have sure been doing a lot of learning about nutrition lately, it's awesome.  Just saw this awesome TED talk by Ron Finley - an awesome man who is now one of my heroes.  I think we should all do this.  If I had a yard, I would totally do it. Watch!

I look forward to having my own home so I can have a garden, it's honestly something I miss the most about having an actual piece of property instead of an apartment building.
He also talked about how kids want to work - this is so true!  I need a garden so the kids can learn to work.

Can you imagine what we could do for hunger if we planted food on every one of the ridiculous 3-foot-wide strips of grass they have between the sidewalk and the road all over the place?  "Growing your own food is like printing your own money."
Come on people, seriously, get this started in your community.  If you own property, you have to "maintain" those little pieces of land, plus you have your own yard you could add at least some fruit trees to.  Farmers Markets could pop up way more with everyone selling the excess from their own harvest, so not only do you get free food for your family, but could earn a little extra income as well.

Community Action Services and Food Bank does something similar to this - it's a "Community Garden" - people can have a plot and they have to spend time weeding and helping out, and then they can have the food for their family.  Totally awesome!  Let's expand on that.

"Ecolutionary!"  Let's do it!

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