Monday, November 19, 2012


This post was originally written in September, and I am just now publishing it

Bacteria are such little buggers.  I have some living in my sinuses at the moment and they seem to be unresponsive to Penicillin.  I hope I'm not carrying a resistant strain.  It's day 3 so we'll know soon.  Or perhaps I have a virus.  I just learned from the CDC website that most sinus infections are viruses.  I hope my doctor knows what he's doing.

So, in honor of this disgusting sickness that has been cramping my life for a couple weeks now, I'm doing this post on Bacteria.  They are very annoying when they make you sick.  But they are also quite amazing.  The very fact that something so tiny can cause such big problems is incredible in its own right.

See my post on leukocytes to learn about how the body fights off the bacteria who are causing our body problems.  (There are also a lot of bacteria which are beneficial.)

Post on White Blood Cells (Leukocytes)

Good Bacteria
Beneficial bacteria are very linked to digestive health.  Anyone who has been on an antibiotic only to get digestive problems afterward knows what I'm talking about.

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