Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the 1 year Anniversary of Bio Geo Nerd!  Now that is an anniversary I can get excited about. :)  And, this post marks a momentous milestone....(drumroll)......

Post #100!!!

:D  Happy Dance...
So I had a rough average of 2 posts per week for a year, and it's been very fun.  Obviously I had some times that were busier than others for the blog, and times when the busy-ness of life prevented me from posting very much.  The viewership of the blog had a very slow start and has begun to expand greatly, going from 20,000 hits just a couple months ago, to now almost 45,000.

Year in Review
Here is a review of some of my favorite pictures from my favorite posts.  I had such a blast learning about these topics and then creating the posts about them.  Fond memories. :)

Giant Pacific Octopus Beak

Anapsid Skull Rock at Capitol Reef Field Station

Treetop Barbie :)

My little guy is famous for this funny little quote

Realizing the Zygomatic Arch was the human "temporal fenestra" was a cool "aha" moment for me in College Bio II

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