Friday, November 25, 2011

Vampire at the Living Planet Aquarium

Today we got to go to the only aquarium in Utah.  It's one of my favorite places to be.  I interned there this past summer and still volunteer there from time to time.
The kids all love the penguins of course- Gentoo Penguins from the Galapagos Islands in South America.  They are the fastest swimming species of penguins in the world, at about 22 miles per hour.  (To give some perspective, the fastest Olympic swimmer can go about 7 mph.)  The group they have at the aquarium are very playful and fun to watch.

However, I tend to like to point out the lesser-known animals to people.  One of which has become one of my favorite fish.

It is in the same tank as the Green Anaconda- largest snake in the world.  So of course people don't take much notice of what else is in there besides the snake, and sometimes the White Spotted River Stingray.  But there is a little silver fish that likes to hang out in the front corner of the tank where he's easy to spot.  When you look at him he doesn't look all that unusual besides the eerie big eyes.  But if you look close you can kind of see some nice sharp teeth in its jaws in that picture above.  Cute isn't it?  But it gets better.  This fish is called the "Sabertooth Payara", or "Vampire Tetra".  Hmm....

So, on the 26th try... I finally got a picture of this guy opening his mouth so you can see its wicked teeth that give it it's names. :)  Sweet, huh?

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