Monday, November 21, 2011

My very own rock collection!

Today was the coolest.  I got to go help some people from the UVU Earth Science Department pack up a bunch of museum-quality rocks that a lady donated.  Then I got to pick out what I wanted from the rest of the collection (the NOT museum quality).  I got some awesome stuff!  A few of them I haven't identified yet, so hoping to take those in to school and get someone to help me with it.  But I got some great rocks and minerals-  pyrite, quartz, coal, pumice, granite, galena, malachite (I think), mica, gypsum, petrified wood and geodes.  SO dang cool.  I need to go find myself some Halite at Great Salt Lake this week to add to the collection.  I think I've just created a monster- the start of a collection means I'll now be an official rock hound whenever I'm out.  Yippee! :)  Oh oh, and I got some bleached coral as well. :)

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