Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is my newest vocabulary word (thanks, Andy!).  Amazingly I still remember it.  Speleothems are cave formations.  Stalactites, stalagmites, shields, cave bacon, cave popcorn, soda straws, and probably a couple others I forgot.  Here are a few from Timpanogos Cave.  We went there right before they closed for the season in October.
Sadly I have a really cruddy camera, these are actually the best ones I have.

Stalactites, and look!  Some Calcium Bicarbonate about to drip off the end of it too.

This guy was our tour guide and he's looking up at some "cave bacon"

Cave popcorn er suh-um (there may have been another name since they're more spiny, I can't recall at the moment.  This is why I have to take notes all the time, stupid memory.)

The heart of Timpanogos.  This was actually formed by two soda straws that got clogged, so then the rest of the calcium carbonate gets deposited around the clog, forming the bulges around it, and we end up with this anatomical heart looking formation.  Pretty dang cool.

Timpanogos' pet dog

Okay so that was a fun outing- I went with my kids and my oldest brother and it was good times.  Except for the part where the tour guide left the lights out for a little too long and I started to feel a little panicky and had to open my phone for some light.

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