Thursday, October 25, 2012

Periodic Table of The Cupcakes

Today the Chemistry Club had these for sale to make money for the club.  Obviously there are some missing due to previous sales, so the table is not complete.

Sold for $2 each, here is the one I bought:

If you came here wanting to see an actual periodic table, here you go:

And check out this super cool website that has a video for every single element in the periodic table!  Some have explosions and other fun stuff, and of course the guy with the sweet hair-do. :)   - Periodic Table of Videos
Here's an example, with the video on Sodium (Na):

Also at UVU today right next to the periodic table of cupcakes, they did "Pie Your Professor" for a fundraiser.  I took these pictures with my iPod so sorry they're pretty blurry.
Here's a student taking a shot at (and missing) Dr. Halling:

Here are the Chemistry professors- the brave ones have their hoods down.. haha.

Quite the pile of debris left behind...  these guys are good sports.

Kudos, Chemistry Club, you've got some fun ways to raise funds. ;)

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