Monday, May 7, 2012

Bryce Canyon & Escalante Grand Staircase

During my week off between semesters, I took my boys camping at Bryce Canyon National Park.  I was surprised to learn that the formations there are made out of Limestone rather than the sandstone that makes so many other geological formations in Utah (Arches, Zion, etc).
We also took the most beautiful drive through Escalante on the way home.  This scenic byway is awesome and I was stopping very frequently to take pictures.  We went through at sunset so it was amazingly beautiful.


 Awesome cross-bedding waves:

Mule deer

Escalante State Park - Petrified Forest
This is some of the colorful sand that caused the kids to name this the rainbow place
Blue and green - copper cobalt and chromium
pink- manganese
black - carbon and manganese
red, brown, yellow, green - iron

Beautiful petrified wood

Petrified wood:
Ancient river system
Forest of trees
Mix in volcanic ash
sprinkle with minerals
whip up with seasonal flooding
bury it in the ground
Bake without oxygen for millions of years

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