Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pacific Ocean, here I come!

On Friday I will be on my way to Newport, Oregon for an awesome internship at the Hatfield Marine Science Center!  Newport is right on the coast and I will get to work at the visitor center there full-time for 10 weeks.  I'm so stinking excited!!!  I'm very grateful to have the opportunity to go experience this.  I can't wait to walk along the beach, find seashells, dissect things (I bought a dissecting kit for Botany and you better believe I'm taking it with me), walk in the mud, water, and sand, and learn a ton!  It's a dream come true and I feel very fortunate.  I will be required to do a weekly blog post (like that's a hard requirement for me), so if it's kosher I'll probably be cross-posting their blog with this one so whoever wants to see what I'm up to can do so on this blog.
Yippee!  The adventure is about to begin...

The beautiful rocky Oregon coast (Source)

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