Saturday, May 24, 2014

Solar Roadways

A married couple from Idaho is about to change the world drastically, for the better.

Julie & Scott Brusaw from Sagle Idaho wanted to do something about Climate Change, and wondered if their crazy idea of making roads out of solar panels could actually work.  Well, after some funding for Research & Development from the Federal Highway Administration, they proved it can and does.  Learn about it with this video:

This makes me so geeking happy, you have no idea.  And I'm just a little proud that these folks are from a neighboring state, and the husband is a mechanical engineer.  I'm excited that hopefully these will be a reality by the time my little boys are driving.  I am REALLY hoping with the public's backing, this won't be killed by Big Oil and the politicians they have so much control over.  Here's to still having hope in America!

Solar Roadways is raising money to go into PRODUCTION until May 31, 2014.  Please visit their Indiegogo page to make a donation and get some cool swag along the way.

That ^ is my fave of their bumper stickers you can get for a $25 donation (mine is on its way).  You can get even cooler stuff for bigger donations if you can afford that.  (If you can't afford to donate, help spread the word instead!)

Click on the logo to go to their funding campaign:

And here is their website where you can get more updates on what's going on with them currently:

And/or like their Facebook Page for updates!

Thanks, spread the Solar Love: save the planet, the economy, our health, and our wallets.

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