Saturday, April 26, 2014


I am a big fan of sleep. Whenever my brain needs a good reset, 9 hours of snoozing always does the trick.  This is pretty much me:

You know that marital advice that says "never go to bed angry"? Well everyone should consider ignoring that. When I get upset, the best thing for me is to sleep on it so I can think more clearly in the morning. Staying up late to try to resolve a disagreement before bed is just plain stupid, cause your power to be objective, calm, reasonable, creative (higher-order thinking skills required to solve a problem), decreases exponentially the more tired you are. Probably that advice is supposed to mean something like - delay solving the problem for now but assure your partner that you are still devoted to them by reaching out with kindness before bed. One of the best kindnesses: "I'll give you a break from discussing this problem so you can take care of your brain and I can take care of mine, and we'll revisit the issue later on with our frontal lobes in good functioning order. For now, I love you. Goodnight."

Radio Lab has done a number of awesome podcasts on sleep, sleep deprivation, and dreams:   Radiolab Sleep Podcasts

Here's the first one "Sleep":

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