Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Science of Junk Food

Oh my...YOU NEED TO READ THIS AND SHARE IT WITH OTHERS... this New York Times article is very long but it will shock the socks off you.  I am ready to boycott Coke, Frito-Lay, Lunchables, and General Mills!  Anyone crazy enough to join me?  I'm quite honestly PISSED that these big companies do this crap and take advantage of the American public, because all they care about is MONEY.  (Pardon my language) Big business, you can go to hell.

Please share this with others!  Post it on Facebook and your own blogs, websites, etc.  People deserve to know about this.  (The science brain chemistry stuff in the article is also very fascinating, btw, and makes me angry that companies exploit it to manipulate consumers.)

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