Friday, December 9, 2011


I love to sit near the window at school as I eat my lunch, and gaze at the migrating birds that often pass through.  The other day I saw a small group of geese majestically flying in a lazy circle.
Last week I pulled into a parking lot next to a small section of grass.  A large flock of birds was chatting away and pecking around for a snack.  Every so often they would all take off in unison, swirl around and land again.  Then swell up and perch on the electric wires.  As each new bird tried to squeeze into an empty spot on the line, its new neighbor would gently scoot over and a wave of nudging would quickly run down to the end to accommodate the new arrival.
One interesting thing I noticed was that the birds "chatted" with each other like crazy while they were on the ground or the wire.  But as soon as they lifted into the air they were silent.  I love to watch flocks of birds flying- it is so beautifully organized and mesmerizing.

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